Sunday, July 10, 2011

Matsuyama sea coast

The coast of the Seto Inland Sea (seto naikai) between the northernmost part of Matsuyama, Hojo and the Tourist Port (kanko ko) includes some spectacular scenery. You can follow the coastline all the way, making it suitable for walking or cycling.

Renpuku-ji Temple in Awai is very close to the sea. It features a number of Buddhas sitting comfortably in the shade of trees, and frolicking lions (shishi). Glimpses of the sea between the well-kept temple buildings create a feeling of great distance and space.

The festive red and white balloon advertising a sale at the local supermarket gives the lion something to play with.

Sandy beaches large and small dot the coastline, and families with small children go to their favourite beach as soon as the weather is warm enough.

There are several pleasant little eateries at intervals. This one serves octopus balls (takoyaki), chips and curry.

Ichiro is seen raising a pint of Kirin Ichiban Shibori. It almost feels as though the great man himself drinks here. Personally I can't stand Ichiban Shibori, but I'd probably drink a pint of it with Ichiro if he paid the 400 yen purchase price.

The Setonaikai Kisen 'Super Jet' high speed ferry between Matsuyama and Hiroshima. It makes a loud roaring noise when it goes past.

The Ferry Sunflower car ferry between Matsuyama and Kokura on Kyushu, docked at the 'tourist port' at Takahama.

In the summer, massive cumulus clouds boil up over the mountains, growing as you watch them. They often bring rain and thunder in the evening.

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