Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Around Kokura and Mojiko

At the end of a row of warehouses is a vision of Byzantium. Or maybe Venice. It turns out to be a very grandiose wedding establishment.

Tanga Market has some of the scruffiest shops I've ever seen. Next to this unappealing meat shop is an even more unappealing whale meat shop.

Some parts of Kokura are glamorous and new...

...others are not particularly glamorous or new.

Kokura seems to have more than its fair share of very naughty children. Well, it was very hot.

There's a lot of steel around Kokura. The Sumitomo steelworks raises its chimneys behind a heap of scrap metal.

In the docks areas, everything has its number. "Please tie up your ship, the No.18 I believe, at No. 46, and put your goods in Nos. 7 and 9".

And if your goods or ship should catch fire, here's the fireboat.

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