Monday, July 18, 2011

Kokura Castle

Like many of Japan's castles, Kokura Castle is actually a fake. Nonetheless, it's a very attractive place, with imaginative exhibits, and a fine view from the top.

Besides the castle, there are a number of fine shrine buildings inside the grounds.

This diorama made me want to cast off all the simplicity of modern life and go back to the insane complexity of medieval Japanese life.

The view of the castle grounds from the top of the keep on this festival day was not unlike the diorama.

A buzzard was doing dramatic turns around the keep.

They have gone for whimsical, period-relevant signage in the castle. I wasn't the only one who ignored the strict injunctions against photography.

The carp in the castle moat were not of the fancy coloured type. They clearly expected to be fed.

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