Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dogo - all higgledy piggledy 3

Fortress-like hotel mimics distant Matsuyama castle

Visit Japan quickly before all the picturesque old buildings fall down.

Cannon and Botchan 'Madonna' girl in front of a hotel. "Welcome!"

This antique shop has some of the cheapest Japanese antiques I've seen. The owner told me the only foreigner to buy from there was a lone Taiwanese who bought a hibachi and ink stone.

And finally, Dogo onsen itself.

This swallow has built a muddy nest in the modern building across from Dogo Onsen.

This hotel has taken interior design to extremes. I've never seen a lift like this before.

The old and the new. Shiny motorbikes and Coke machine in front of an old ryokan.

Dogo Onsen Yujinja Shrine

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