Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dogo - all higgledy piggledy 2

Houses on the Neon-zaka entertainment district behind Dogo onsen.

This area had a fine old Meiji-era brothel that some people wanted to preserve against opposition by feminists. It is the building on the right in the photo below. It was full of historical artefacts such as an ice-cooled refrigerator. It has been knocked down.

Erasing history

The entertainment district in its heyday

The old buildings are piled up on the slope at every angle

There is lots of bamboo in Dogo. This has a very 1970s look about it, in keeping with a lot of the architectural and design style that is to be seen around Dogo.

This building encapsulates the architectural compromises to be found in Dogo.

Lots of sweeping curves. And bamboo.

There are lots of cats in Dogo. They're not very tame.

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