Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dogo - all higgledy piggledy 4

This swallow has built its muddy nest in a modern building opposite Dogo onsen.

Studio Ghibli shop in Dogo arcade

Golden turd-headed figurine. For the person who has everything else.

The section of Dogo given over to sex businesses. Onsen areas have always had their prostitution quarters.

Newly constructed 'sex tourist information' hut, with information on the services available in the 'hood.

Dogo Music, the sexy gals theater

Ah, that's more wholesome. The Dogo fire brigade gals. I wandered around here for a bit, but I didn't see any - only blokes in orange suits bawling "Hai!" at each other.

Picturesque café in the arcade, with an enclosed garden walkway and garden views. Popular with women.

Some wide boys on their lunch break

The ramen shop is welcoming foreign visitors. Unfortunately they omitted to put a sign up outside saying "English menu available".

The Botchan steam tram. The driver and his mate raise the engine up on a rotating pin and spin it around by hand to get it facing in the other direction.

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